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Agency History


The Economic Opportunity Coordinating Group was formed by the Community Service Council of Broward County under Director Doug Endsley. The purpose was to provide the mechanism to access federal funds.


Foster Grandparent Program began. One of the first projects of its kind in the country, its primary purpose is to provide opportunities for low-income persons aged 60 and over to provide supportive one-on-one services to children. The program was created as an outgrowth of the War on Poverty, and authorized in the Older Americans Act of 1965. Federal funds were matched by the School Board of Broward County and United Way of Broward County.


Broward County Foster Grandparent Committee, Inc. was incorporated.


Name changed to Broward County Grandparents, Inc. (d/b/a Broward Grandparents)


Senior Companion Program began. This program was authorized under the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973. Its dual purpose is to create part-time stipended volunteer community service opportunities for low-income persons aged 60 and over and to provide supportive person-to-person services to assist adults having exceptional needs, developmental disabilities or other special needs for companionship. Federal funds were matched by the Board of County Commissioners of Broward County.


Dropout Prevention Program was created as an outgrowth of Foster Grandparents. Its purpose is to provide caring, well-trained senior volunteers to mentor and tutor students who are in danger of academic failure. Funds were provided by United Way of Broward County.


Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) was added, bringing all three of the Senior Corps programs under one organization. RSVP operated in Broward County since 1972. Its purpose is to provide a variety of opportunities for retired persons aged 55 or older to participate more fully in the life of their community through significant volunteer service. Federal funds were matched by United Way of Broward County.

Broward Executive Alliance – Consultants to Nonprofits (Executive Services Corps of Broward County) was added. It began in 2001 as a project of RSVP. Its purpose is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of nonprofit organizations by making available to them free consulting services of qualified active and retired executives and professionals. Federal funds were matched by A.D. Henderson Foundation.


Name changed to Senior Volunteer Services, Inc., to better reflect the overall purpose of the organization.


Respite for Caregivers began. Its purpose is to have senior volunteers provide respite to family members and loved ones providing constant care for a homebound senior. This program is sponsored under the RELIEF Program which is sponsored by Senior Volunteer Services, the Areawide Council on Aging of Broward County and the State of Florida, Department of Elder Affairs.


Veterans Helping Veteransis added to the RSVP programs, supporting veterans with their individual needs.


The Encore Connect program is established to encourage the baby boomers to make civic engagement a part of their life plan for the years after full-time employment. This program also works with the nonprofits to help them prepare for and retain this new generation of volunteers.


Senior Volunteer Services re-brands and launches the organization as Impact Broward, indicating a shift of thinking in the community to bring recognition to the sizable impact being made through the volunteer-driven programs in three focus areas: Children & Youth, Adults & Elderly and Broward Nonprofits.