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Announcing our first-ever Caregiver Symposium 2017

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We invite you to participate in Impact Broward’s Inaugural Caregiver Symposium 2017. More than 22 million Americans today – or 15% of the workforce – fulfill the demanding role of caregiver to a loved one. Not only do these caregivers face daunting emotional hurdles, there is a real impact on American employers and the economy. While some innovative employers have supportive policies, the business case for increased workplace flexibility for caregivers is not widely appreciated in Broward County. Join us on May 17, 2017 as nearly 200 business leaders, human resource executives, policymakers, service providers and caregivers convene to:
• Hear first-hand accounts of the economic and emotional impacts of caregiving;
• Learn how flexible employer human resources policies can lead to increased employee retention, improved productivity, and shareholder gains; and
• Discuss public policies that will support caregivers and employers.
Caregiving is an issue that will affect most Americans at some point in their lives – whether it’s caring for a child with special needs, a terminally ill spouse, or an aging parent. With limited publicly funded caregiving however, working caregivers play an increasingly important role – often with significant consequences.

• The average caregiver dedicates 29 hours per week to caregiving activities;
• Caregivers miss, on average, 10 days of work each year to handle care responsibilities;
• These missed days represent a staggering $38.2 billion dollar productivity loss to the American workplace annually.
With its unique population, Broward County is at the epicenter of these national caregiving issues. Impact Broward’s Caregiver Symposium will generate local solutions to enable caregivers and employers to thrive. Won’t you be part of this important community effort and become a sponsor of this impactful event? For sponsorship opportunities click here or to purchase tickets or sponsorships online click here. For more information contact Diane Smith, COO at 954-484-7117 x118 or info@impactbroward.org.

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