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Foster Grandparent Program

Impact Broward Foster Grandparent Program


Since 1965, Impact Broward has been helping our community’s children. Our original Impact Broward volunteer program helping at-risk youth achieve is the Foster Grandparent Program. This impactful effort places adult volunteers into Title One schools, nonprofit childcare centers and preschools throughout Broward County to support the most under served students from impoverished backgrounds and children who are at risk of failing academically. Impact Broward Volunteers participating in the program are age 55 and over, are role models, mentors, and friends to children with exceptional needs, and work 15-20 hours weekly.

According to research by the National Assessment of Education, early childhood literacy is crucial by third grade. Reading abilities in third grade acts as a barometer for late school success. Children, who read more, are likely to graduate from high school, pursue education and a job. Children thrive from the presence, love and attention from Impact Broward volunteers.

To become an Impact Broward Volunteer in our Foster Grandparent Program, please fill out this form or contact the Foster Grandparent Program Coordinator, Rachelle Faublas, at 954-484-7117 or rfaublas@impactbroward.org.


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