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Helping Broward County Adults In-Need

In-Need Adults, like the disabled and elderly seeking their independence, or caregivers who struggle with the demands of looking after a loved one, can thrive with our help. We are proud to be helping Broward County adults and their caregivers with the following services.

Needed Companionship

Increasingly, older adults want to age in place- they want to continue to live in their own homes or communities. This is particularly true with the aging Boomer generation. But too often our seniors, whether frail, disabled or simply lonely, are at risk for institutional placement. We can help. Impact Broward’s Senior Companion Program is helping Broward County Adults by providing volunteers 55 years and older who are low-income and trained to provide friendship and companionship at no cost to these in-need adults.

you can help adults in need in broward county
helped over 600 in-need adults in broward county

Caregiver Relief

Another way we are helping Broward County Adults is by helping Family members caring for a relative that may be under enormous strains. Studies have shown that they devote 253 hours a month to caregiving — almost the equivalent of two full-time jobs. Caregivers miss work, don’t apply or accept advanced jobs because of the time commitment, and some just drop out of the workforce altogether to care for their loved one. But we can help. Impact Broward’s Caregiver RELIEF Program can help by offering no cost respite to caregivers with the help of our trained volunteers. For more details on how you can get help click here.

Volunteers Helping Broward County Adults

Meet Hattie. She volunteers as a caregiver, offering families caring for loved ones much needed respite on a weekly basis. Hattie’s volunteerism has a double benefit. Her service, like volunteers offering companionship to elderly and the disabled, allows clients to thrive. But Hattie also keeps a sense of purpose, remains active and independent.

Hattin helps in need adults in broward county