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Helping Broward County Children Achieve

We are helping Broward County Children, who need critical literacy, developmental and social skills for school, learn to achieve.

School Readiness

Cognitive, social, and emotional development are all essential ingredients of school readiness for children. Studies show that early childhood literacy and development by third grade sets the stage for success and achievement later in life. But children from low-income families or with special needs may not be receiving the foundational skills for acquiring language, developing reading abilities, or experiencing meaningful and responsive relationships. But we are Helping Broward County Children with innovate and proven programs. Impact Broward’s Foster Grandparent Program and RSVP/ STARS programs place volunteers, many of whom are over 55, with children across Title 1 public schools, Head Start, VPK and nonprofit childcare centers. This intergenerational long-term mentoring helps our children achieve. For more details on how you can get help click here.

helping broward county children
helping broward children achieve

Volunteers Helping Broward County Children

Meet Olean, or “Grandma O” as she is known at Margate Elementary School. Grandma O spends her precious time week after week helping Broward County Children by mentoring five eager first-graders. Not only do her children learn to achieve, but Grandma O thrives from their joy and energy.

volunteers helping broward county kids