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RSVP – Seniors and Teachers Achieving Reading Success (STARS)


Utilizing the wisdom and experience of residents 55 and over, you can volunteer in Broward County Public Schools to benefit children in grades 1-3. Our STARS program provides a double benefit to the children and to the volunteers providing the in-class tutoring. Children will demonstrate an increased confidence in their ability to succeed in school by increasing their reading and math levels. Volunteers exhibit a renewed sense of purpose or an increased level of activity because of their volunteering.

Created in 1997, STARS is a collaboration of RSVP and the Broward County Schools, a project to bring together Seniors and Teachers to Achieving Reading Success. The schools are located throughout Broward County. We work closely with you to place you in a school as close to your home as possible

The program works because of committed teachers, hard- working students and, most importantly, dedicated RSVP volunteers. Let’s work together to improve the match and reading scores for our 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. We ask volunteers to serve a minimum of 5 hours per week at a school close to your home; you are eligible for a limited mileage reimbursement.

Are you interested in helping a child?

“Working with students who are needy and require special one-on-one attention can sometimes be a challenge to teachers in the classrooms. But, with the help of volunteers from Impact Broward and RSVP, we can overcome hurdles and make anything happen. These volunteers are an asset to us. The children love the volunteers and most importantly we have seen significant improvement in their reading abilities.” – Loretta Fiero, Student Support Specialist, Davie Elementary School